mouse move in the wrong direction

to fix it, go to:

1. Right click on the desktop
2. Click ‘Properties’
3. Click tab ‘Settings’
4. Click the name of the graphics card, like mine: “Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver”, click ‘Graphics Properties’.
5. Click ‘Hot Keys’
6. Change the Rotation (‘Select Hot Key Combination’), being:
– Normal : <CTRL><ALT>Up
– 90 Degrees : <CTRL><ALT>Left
– 180 Degrees : <CTRL><ALT>Down
– 270 Degrees : <CTRL><ALT>Right

7. Restart

But you can change the rotation if the problem is not solved, being :
– Normal : <CTRL><ALT>Up
– 90 Degrees : <CTRL><ALT>Right
– 180 Degrees : <CTRL><ALT>Down
– 270 Degrees : <CTRL><ALT>Left

and then restart the computer.

When you change the rotation by click ‘Select Hot Key Combination’, you do not need to type the word “Right, Left, Up, or Down”, you just need to type/choose at the Left arrow, or Right arrow, or Up arrow, or Down arrow on your keyboard, and then click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’, and don’t forget to restart.
That’s it.