Social Media’ers

Sometimes, you really wanna write everything about your feeling. Or maybe you just wanna share something so everyone know you, and you can feel exist in this world. Or you want people know something happen in this world. Maybe, you’ll write because you wanna judge someone or something. Yeah, just write! Everything you want to share, just share!

In this time, you’ll see what space can collect your writing.

1. Twitter

    Yeah, yeayy,, yippiiii…. I really like twitter. You can write anything, everything, and don’t feel regret. Your writing will be called “tweet”. Yeaa, someone maybe will reply your tweet. Even, you don’t know each other. Some people said: ” Enjoy our presence in any social media”. But, do you know that, social media have policy. When you want to tweet or mention someone, please remember that Social Media is public own and not your own, so just tweet positive and not negative.


2. Facebook

    Face,,book,,, “buku wajah” –> indonesian language.. hehehhee… You can talk with your friend in this Facebook by comment or write in his/her wall, and chatting is also allowed here. But, only your friend can get involved.

3. Blog

   You can write everything in many words. You can publish many photos in your blog. And anyone can comment it too.


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